Of Ogres, Big Headed Germans and IT People

The sun is shining bright down on Frog Pond Holler today. There's a nip in the air, a fall wind is blowing the leaves around, swirling colors of gold, red and subtle wisps of orange. I love this time of year.

Here at the Asylum, we survived inventory without any lives being lost or serious injuries. Doing inventory meant we had a lot of extra people here from the other plant, including the Big Headed German, my first boss here. I told him about Bossman (aka "the ogre") and how I lost my mind and handed him his ass on a platter a couple of weeks ago. The Big Headed German reminded me that he used to have some anger issues of his own and how I used to tell him he needed STFU and get back in his office until he learned to be human again. He wanted to know why I'd let Bossman get away with this for so long without standing up for myself... he said,"You've lost your spunk. I miss it. You need to find it and use it to smack that mother f*cker back to Indiana."

I'm thinking that might have been the kick in the pants I've been needing. Lord help Bossman when he gets back from his corporate meeting today.

The semi-new I.T. guy was here all day also. He's probably in his late fifties, appears to have some osteoperosis issues, three inch thick glasses and ... this is no joke.. the greasiest looking head of hair I've ever seen on an adult human being. He bitched because our computers, to him, were inadequate. He didn't like where we had the big data printer. He complained about the positioning of the employee bathrooms and to beat all, he walked around for most of the day with a stringy snot boogie swinging gently from his left nostril.

And yes, the Big Headed German and myself, both in our forties, sat in my office and made fun of his full frontal mucus like a couple of 6 year olds in the lunch room. We giggled and snorted and joked when we should have been working.. and it felt great. I kinda miss working for BHG. He keeps telling me that when Henny Penny retires, he's offering me her position and to be prepared.

Around town, things have been pretty quiet. No little children were eaten during the Halloween celebration on the campground, but there were plenty of soggy, tiny princesses and mini-me Batmen when a big ol' gullywasher hit somewhere around dusk. The Amazon ended up down at the bar with some friends, drooling over a local band that plays there whenever there's a gathering in town.

Bless her heart. I guess in some ways she is just like her mama. And that's not really a bad thing.

Anywho.. The Ogre has returned from Ohio with his aura of perpetual pissedoffedness. I'd better go look busy. Ya'll take care.

Later Taters!


tiff said...

Shoot, no horrific traffic accidents for the Ogre. All that wishin' gone to waste.

kenju said...

I'll be praying that Henny Penny suddenly needs to retire quickly!!

BetteJo said...

Everybody has to have a boss you can laugh like a 6 year old with - at least a few times at least! Too bad the big headed German isn't still your boss.