Graveyard Stomping, Car Shopping and not THE Edge

The wind is howling through the valleys and between the mountan peeks this morning in Frog Pond Holler. The air is starting to get that little bite that signals the end to warmer days.

I am so ready.

This weekend thoroughly kicked by bootay. I was off Friday, part of the "Mahala has to use up her vacation hours because she's not giving this company one more damned thing" project. It was spent hauling trash, old tarps, washing machine packaging and plastic bottles to the dump and recycle bins. I also worked diligently to get the kitchen cleaned up, but you can't tell it today.

Friday night the Amazon went to Big City with her friends to celebrate Maddie's birthday. She took with her a Carebears cake she made herself, from a Wiltons teddy bear pan. It came out pretty good.. other than the leg falling off on the way to Maddie's house. After cake and pressie's they headed to Big City to see "New Moon," but called me before even getting out of the holler to report that it seemed one of the wheels was fixin' to fall right off Maddie's car and could they borrow the truck.

Whyyy suuure. It wasn't like I had a hot date or anything.

So they all piled in Jolene and headed to Big City to the fancy new theater on the other side of town with the built in bar to watch the latest vampire flick.

When she got back home, in the wee wee hours, she busted into the living room like a bat out of hell, all excited and saying, "EDGE was totally sitting RIGHT behind us!!!!!"


I wanted to share in her excitement, but I didn't have a clue what she was going on about. This "Edge" must be a big shot because she looked like her eyeballs were gonna shoot right out of their sockets and explode, showering the room in tiny rockets of glitter.

So I'm thinking.. that sounds like it could be a DJ or something... then it dawned on me.. The Edge.. sounded familiar. Wait...

Isn't he in U2??  That's when I started to get all sortsa excited too and T.A. was all like, "I KNOW, right????" But what would U2 be doing in Big City? Luckily, just as I was about to ask if Bono was there, she said, "Revis was all like.. "that's not him".. and Maddie was all "the hell it ain't" and then Rickie was all, "check his tatts" and then we took this stealth picture with my cellphone and you can TOTALLY SEE that it's HIM."

I looked at the picture. I didn't have a mutha freakin' clue who we were all in a wad over.

Turns out it's some wrestler dude.. or for ya'll of the southern persuasion "rassler."

Saturday we headed out to Big City again to look at a truck T.A. had seen on the innerwebs. Of course we got there and it had been sold the day before, but she spotted a shiny, red, chromed out Silverado close to her price range and fell in love. The very nice, very non-used car salesman-like gentleman is working on trying to get her financing today.

Keep your fingers crossed.

After making a pit stop at Wally World I got a wild hair up my butt and decided to take T.A. up to the cemetary where Mamaw was buried. She was away at college when she died and we'd talked about it some, so I figured it was as good a time as any. Once I figured out which winding mountain road to take to get there, we didn't have much trouble finding the cemetary. The actual gravesite was another story, but after hiking the hillside in flip flops and damned near killing myself more than once, we finally found the headstone marking Mamaw and Papaw's graves.

As we looked at the marker, I commented to T.A., "I didn't realize how close Papaw's birthday was to yours."

"Yeah, that's kinda cool," she answered.

"Um.. what's today's date?" I asked as I pointed to the carved letters and numbers.

"November 21st." she answered.

"Nooo that's not creepy AT ALL," I said, as I noted that we were standing there on the aniversary of Papaw's death.

Papaw died when I was in like.. the 2nd or 3rd grade.


Most of yesterday was spent trying to recover from the previous day's romp and catching up on some laundry. I think I sort of over did it, I had the achey breaky joints and muscles all day. I tossed some laundry in the new washer,  thinking of how lucky I was that I didn't have to worry about stirring everything up with a stick and how much cleaner everything seemed, then went to my room and stretched out on the bed as I watched the end of the horror movie I'd been missed earlier.

I snoozed for about an hour, feeling like a new person when I woke up. I stretched and walked back to the living room where I found T.A., sprawled out on the couch. She looked up at me and said, "The bathtub went boom."


"The bathtub.. it went boom, filled up with gunk when the washer drained."

Didn't we just go through this back in the spring?  It's like.. our pipes are haunted. I think I'm going to go to Big City on my day off and head down to the strange part of town and see if I can find some kinda pipe gunk clearing spell I can say over my toilet. Lord knows we've tried everything else.

If you hear of some crazy lady in a small town in NC being commited after she was found passed out naked in the floor of her bathroom gripping unidentifiable herbs, hauntingly eery chanting coming from the cd player and a strong aroma, a mixture of incense and Drano, forming a dark cloud, hovering over her barely conscious body... it's probably me.

Let's kick this Monday in the bootay before it kicks us. Ya'll have a good one, we'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!

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kenju said...

Incense and Drano? Now there's a mixture! Hope the pipes get cleared out without that having to happen!