Pygmies, Zombies and a Hunger Strike

The view out my window is a little cloudy and gray today, looks like rain... or I need to wash the windows. It matters not though, I don't have any plans to venture out.

The Amazon is up and about.. but only sorta kinda. She had a rare night out of partying with friends over in Big City, dragging her tired rump in at the wee hours of the morning. I reckon she had a good time, she appears every once in a while, wandering through the room with a stupefied grin on her face.

Remember all those plans I had for the weekend? There's a load of whites in the wash, the kitchen is a little cleaner and groceries have been bought. I've still got one more day to get things done, it's been two days of taking it kinda slow. That new brown paper bag full of drugs I got from the doc the other day have taken some getting used to. Friday, I think I actually dozed off at my desk.

The sales ninja can not operate properly when zombified.

So.. I skipped yesterday morning and waited until bedtime to take it instead. Hopefully the zombification will take place while I'm asleep and I can be functional during the day. If not.. something will have to change.

I went light on the grocery shopping this week, since I've not been cooking much. Ma hasn't felt well and hasn't eaten much of anything but soup for days. I'm not completely convinced she's sick. Maybe she's gone on a hunger strike to protest the treatment of pygmies in Amazonian sweat shops.

Who knows?

Oh don't worry. She is checked on regularly and even seems to be acting half way normal. Or maybe the fact that I'm medicated just makes her seem easier to deal with. Whatever.


I hope ya'll are having a great Sunday. We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!