Dirty Crevices, Pouting Grannies and Doing What We Can

The sky is gray and full of clouds over Frog Pond Holler today. I'm at my desk with hot coffee and a pack of PopTarts, sitting in front of my $5 clearance rack special fan with the squeaky bearings because once again, the air conditioner here at the Asylum has gone belly up.

Every stinkin' year. 80° and 100% humidity.. at my desk.

I reckon they figure we're not all cranky enough, doing the jobs of 2-3 people with fewer hours, we'd might as well have one more thing to bitch and complain about while we're doing it.


Moving on...

Ya'll remember the big garden project me and the Amazon had planned? Some guys came and ripped the ground up with a tractor attachment which they had rigged to the back of their pickup truck (you might be a redneck) then were going to come back with the tiller to break it up for us.

They never came back. Their tiller broke. My yard? She is loverly.

Now? Grass has started to grow back in the mounds created when they broke up the ground. It's too large an area to work by hand, but I guess if I want a garden, that's the only way it's going to happen. If I can't get it all cleared, I'll just plant whatever portion I can manage.

Ma is still acting weird. She keeps her door shut most of the time, then when she gets too hot she opens the door, props a board up across the bottom, then stands a chair with the big box fan in front of the door. She wants to get the central air fixed, but I know the guy is just going to replace the motor ($400) which will keep it running 'til next year, then the motor will just burn up again.

The problem started back a few years ago when our neighbor Dubya bought one of those baby backhoe doohickies. He was the terror of the holler, begging to haul everyone's yard all over creation. Ma got the bright idea to have him come move some of the bank behind our house, to make room for some actual yard back there, which he did. In the process.. he shoved about half of it up against our air conditioner. I dug it out as best I could, but I'm sure there's still an acre or two still shoved up in those little tiny crevices. So now, we pay $400 for a new motor every year or so, until it burns up again.

Both the Amazon and I have offered numerous times to go buy her a little window unit, but she huffs up and pouts whenever we mention it.

She's also still on that same kick where she insists she should be getting a stimulus payment and I've some how gotten hold of it. It used to really bother me that I try so hard to make sure she has what she needs, yet she keeps insisting that I'm doing stuff behind her back. It broke my heart, to be honest.

Now I'm like.. whatever.. I can only do what I can do.

Life's too short.

This week is almost licked... lick it real good.

Later Taters!


kenju said...

Our stimulus checks were supposed to be deposited into our SS accounts last night. I hope I find it there when I go to the bank later.

I think I'd buy mom an air conditioner anyway and install it in her window.

tiff said...

All that garden-y potential - save it if you can!

Maybe some nice zinnia seeds would dress it up nicely, eh?

Anonymous said...

The $250 stimulus payment should come by the same payment method as her May Social Security (or SSI, or VA or RR Retirement) benefit. If she has direct deposit, it will be a seperate deposit, if she receives a check, she should receive a seperte check. If she does not receive it by June 4th, she should contact Social Security. She will not receive a stimulus payment if she is has an overpayment or repayment of government benefits or has a balance due on a defautled government loan.

Sorry, my work kicks in from time to time.


BetteJo said...

Maybe you ought to tell her she already got the payment and she spent it all on booze and cheap men one night.

Inanna said...

LOL @ BetteJo. You just havin' air conditionin' woes all over the place! I'd suggest that you buy your Ma a window air conditioner but then I'm afraid you would never see her...