Superheros, Wacky Candians and the British Empire

I'm so far behind I can see my own butt looming on the horizon. Even if I did bust my arse for the next 8 hours, I still wouldn't be caught up, angry sales reps would still be calling to question my intelligence, reliability and organizational skills and I'd still be buried in a pile of papers.

Therefore.. I blog.

Yesterday was hellacious. By 11:30 last night, I was still too keyed up to close my eyes. The highlights:
  1. I spent a full 20 minutes on the phone with one of our Canaidan reps while he lectured me on the evils of the British Empire, made comparisons between them and the Middle East, explained to me how each and every feckin' territory they've ever controlled came in to their possession and how if I'm part Indian I need to go get my band card so I don't have to pay taxes. To demonstrate that he meant Native American and not Indian from India he smacked his hand against his mouth and made the "whoop whooop whooop" sound. Seriously, I couldn't make this shit up if I tried.
  2. Bossman had quoted this one customer back on the NINTH and told them maybe we could get them what they wanted by the 31st, if they placed the order that day. Yesterday they were calling me with their bloomers in a wad because they still wanted it on the 31st, yet still hadn't placed the order. After a couple of emails back and forth, PG calling our tooling guy twice and my finally getting them what they wanted, I get a phone call from the buyer's boss asking me what my problem is. Apparently she failed to inform her supervisor that she never processed and submitted an order. These people kept me running for the entire afternoon. There was yelling. We will probably lose the $8K order. And I don't feckin' give a rat's left cheek.
  3. The big customer order that we get every Thursday wasn't that big and between the whoop whoop Canadian and the pain in the asses down in Houston, I only got like $10K of it put in. On paper, it will look like I didn't do a damned thing.

It is Friday. Halleefreakinlooya. Bossman will be back on Monday. I may throw myself on the floor and sob at his feet when I see him come in the door.

As for the weekend, I don't have any grand plans. The Amazon wants to take the truck to go to Big City to see some super hero flick. She's a geek that way. I think we have enough groceries to last another week or so. I may just play in clay all weekend and try to forget about the Asylum.

Who knows?

Ya'll have a good one. I'll be over here buried in paperwork, hiding from the phone.

Later Taters!


kenju said...

YOu deaserve a great weekend, Mahala, so I command you to have one!

Mahala said...

Aww thanks. I'm going to try like heck :)

tiff said...

The very first sentence of this post is worth its weight in gold. Just...awesome.

Rachel said...

That's not fair to expect you to do your work and everyone else's. Try to leave it at work and have a great weekend in spite of it!

Mahala said...

tiff: thanks ma'am :)

Rachel: As long as I have a job, I'll hunker down and dow what I can.

Tori Lennox said...

I'm cracking up over the "whoop-whoop-whoop"ing Canadian dude!

Mahala said...

Tori: No chit! I couldn't believe he actually was whooping into the phone. I can honestly say it was a first.

rennratt said...

I'm guessing that political correctness hasn't hit our northern friends quite yet.

I'm tempted to call the guy a stupid frog, but that would just be wrong.

[When a former co-worker found out that I was part Indian, he turned, looked me in the eye, and blurted "Feather or dot?" It's feather, by the way.]

Inanna said...

LOL! Feather or dot... LOL! Good one, Renratt.

Mahala, honeychile, you just have a good time sleeping in and don't worry 'bout them crazy Northern folks sayin' "Whoop, whoop," next time just respond with a resounding, "YEEHAW!" and when they act weirded out, just tell them you thought you were trading battle cries.