A Stiff Drink Couldn't Hurt

I slept entirely too late this morning, dragging my lazy butt out of bed at 10:30. After a half a pot of coffee, I forced myself into the shower and almost followed that up with a nap. If it hadn't been for Ma nagging me gently suggesting that perhaps someone should go buy some food, I probably would have gone right back to sleep.

My heart was not feelin' the whole grocery shopping thing.. but I went. I didn't even bother to take coupons. I was slinging dead carcass and frozen bags of mystery roughage in my cart with wild abandon.

I'm still not 100% sure of everything I ended up with. The next two weeks will be filled with culinary mystery.

Luckily it wasn't until I arrived back at the trailer that the intestinal assault took place, with very little warning. At least now I know why I felt so craptacular. Hopefully it's a bug of the 24 hour variety and will be making it's way on to the next unsuspecting victim soon. The last thing I need is to be holed up in the one seater at the Asylum during Bossman's mandatory week off, while I am THE ONE and ONLY sales ninja.

Naw... I'm not stressing over it. Not at all.


In other news...

I'm rethinking my recent decision to allow my hair to grow out to it's natural color. The recent addition of eye wear to my fashion ensemble has created a situation I hadn't anticipated. When looking in the bathroom mirror, I'm greeted not by my own reflection, but that of my mother's.

We can't be having this.

My hair has grown out considerably since making the decision to go natural, becoming long, hanging down in my face and now with silvery streaks half way down from my scalp. I look like something that comes down off the mountain once a month to buy a sack of flour, a bottle of lamp oil and a box of chewing tobacco before disappearing back in to the woods until the next full moon.

So yeah.. something will have to be done.


It's Saturday night in the holler. The VFD Bingo-Hot Dog Social has been over for two hours, they've found a dead body up on the mountain and I can hear Ma sawing logs down on her end of the trailer. Seeing how I slept so late this morning, I'll probably be up half the night watching crappy movies on cable.

There is no end to the excitement in my life.

Ya'll enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Later Taters!