He Whines, Therefore I Must Whine

Front Porch

Could it be any grayer out? Eck.

I hate to keep bitching about work, but um.. anyway.. this little tidbit of conversation between Bossman and I will give you an idea of what it's like lately:

Me, trying to lighten the mood while me and one of the QC guys wait for Bossman to look something up: "Tomorrow you'll come in and find Bossman's catalog with the cover missing. I'm going to hang it up in my office," I say, holding up a supply book with Mike Rowe's (from Dirty Jobs) picture on the cover.

Bossman: "You'll find something hanging all right."

Me: "Hmmm.. what?" I ask.

Bossman: "I'm going to hang myself over your cubicle, since I can't seem to do anything right and everyone hates me."

Me.. not sure how serious to take him and little weary from patting his bruised ego all day: "No sir you will not. You'll take that messy business out in the plant. You're not staining my carpet."

Okay, probably not the nicest response. But jeeze Louise.


Ya'll have a good one.

Later Taters!