She's Always Been a Little Off

I've been trying to write this for an hour and a half. Every time I start, someone stops by the cubey wanting to talk. It's almost time for Miss Bubbaliciousness to get here and I've not accomplished a damn thing.

I think I made Ma mad last night. I got home a little after three, rested a bit then set about moving furniture around so I could clean the carpet. As I stood there in the living room, running the carpet steamer over an old Coca-Cola stain about 86 times, still wearing the heavy sweatshirt I wore to work, with the heat cranked up to the Hellfire and Damnation setting, Ma came in and said, "When you finish that, I need you to run to Lowes."

I'd like to remind ya'll that Lowes is about 45 minutes away. It's not really a "run to" kinda trip.

She was oblivious to the fact that I was all sweaty, with my hair in a serious state of disarray and that I probably smelled of old dog pee carpet juice. She didn't concern herself with the fact that I'd crammed 8 hours of work in to 6 hours, then came home and started in on the carpet.

No. She just wanted me to drop everything and "run" to Lowes.

Now... I wish I was one of those saintly daughters with unlimited stores of patience, who can just overlook the intermittent craziness of their mothers, laugh it off and move on. But I'm just not. I got a little pissy and I may or may not have threatened to give her a new hairdo with the carpet steamer.

Her disappointment in my ability to provide for her was compounded by my forgetting to bring home a copy of the Hee-Haw county weekly paper.

It was an afternoon of "Oh how thee sucketh.. Let us count the ways!"

Today is a new day, right? And more importantly, tomorrow is Friday. Hang in there ya'll.

Later Taters!