Whoopi, the Golden Child and Defining Normal

The gimp eyed weather girl swears there's a cold front heading this way with promises of 70° temps. 70° will feel like a blizzard after the weather we've had lately. I might have to break out my Long Johns.

Ya'll won't believe this, but I totally forgot the Cutie Patootie was going to be here this morning, so I showed up sans warpaint and with limited Willy Wonka hairdo wrangling. I look like I've been on a drunken rampage for a week, having survived an encounter with a renegade Flowbee run amok.

Sexay sexay.

It's been peaceful without Bubbles here the past couple of days. Orders have been pouring in, doubling in dollar amounts so, due to circumstances alone, I've earned temporary Golden Child status.

It's nice to be the Golden Child.

Last week they were threatening lay offs. This week they're discussing overtime. Such is the manufacturing business.


Sunday night, as the Amazon sat with her eyes glued to her laptop, I flipped through the t.v. channels, stopping on the opening for this year's Tony Awards. Although it's been forever since Ma and I used to get all gussied up for a night at the theater, I do love the music from The Lion King and you can't miss with Miss Whoopi. A little over half way through the opening number, the Amazon looked up, telling me she was a little jealous that one of her friends had actually seen the live production.

"But I took you to the movie.. right?"

"Yes, you did," she answered.

I watched for a moment.. then added, "Wait.. did I? Or did Aunt Gail take you?" My Aunt Gail babysat the Amazon a lot when she was little. She died a little over a year ago.

"No no.. Gail took me to see "The Little Mermaid," you took me to see "The Lion King." But it's weird that you said it, I was just thinking about that." I smiled and the Amazon went back to her computer. It was about then that the musical number concluded and Whoopi walked out on stage, in crab garb, singing.

I pointed at the television,"LOOK!! Did you hear what she's singing??"

The Amazon glanced at the screen, seemingly annoyed that I was interrupting her, then her eyes widened...

"Uuuuuuunder the seeeeeeeaaaa... unnnnder the seeeaaaaaa," Whoopi crooned.

The Amazon looked at me. "Okay.. that was weird."

"Nah.. it's not weird. That is normal," I explained. "Welcome to my world."


Anyhooter... I guess I should get back to work, while I have plenty of work to do. Ya'll have a good one.

Later Taters!


Anonymous said...

Two minds in sinc . . . scary!


Joy T. said...

LOLOL "anyhooter" LOL What can I say, I'm easily amused *snort*

Dianne said...

that IS normal

and sweet :)

Meritt said...

... the golden child with Willie Wonka hair.