Hippies, Cars, Family Trees Not Forking

Is the weekend over already?

I think I missed some... can I get a do over?
The tents spotted on Friday were from the pseudo hippy fest going on at the campground. I say pseudo hippy because they looked suspiciously like corporate types who change to their hemp shirts and Jesus sandals on weekends, when they want to pretend to be all socially conscious and crap. Besides, with a gate fee of $65 dollars (that's U.S. dollars ya'll) no self respecting hippy type could afford it.
I can guarantee there weren't any locals there.
The Amazon nearly found herself in an altercation when one little hippette, who was feeling especially spunky, admonished her for saying it was way too expensive. She even looked down her little pierced nose (I suspect it was a stick-on) at the Amazon in distaste.
Ahhhhh ... tourist season in the holler. Let the games begin.
I had a guy come by and look at my car this weekend. The price has gradually gone from $1500 to $500. I had been thinking about donating it to charity, just to get rid of it. In a weird twist, I walked outside early yesterday morning, to sip my coffee and get some air, letting my mind wander. It came to me, that I hadn't really tried to sell the car, not like I should have. I saw myself taking a picture, typing up a catchy description and taping a flier up on the door at the gas station.
Not the post office. Not the market. Just the gas station.
After a while, I came back inside and worked on my shop a bit, changing descriptions, tag words etc. Only a few minutes had passed when the Amazon called from work to ask me how much I wanted for my car, someone was asking about it.
Did I mention she works at the gas station?
Anywho, hopefully he'll buy it. His kid totalled his car Friday so he's desperate and he's a mechanic so I don't have to feel guilty if something tears up two weeks after he buys it.
I played around on Rootsweb a little Friday night. It's been a long time since I poked around in the family tree. I was able to go back a little farther on my father's father's side and found myself a little disturbed by the fact that for three generations, my great grandfathers thought it was A-OK to marry their first cousins on their mother's side.
It's scarey chit ya'll.
There were several common Melungeon surnames in the mix and I finally found the Kentucky connection I had been trying to figure out last year. I need to renew my library card so I can access the census pages again. It is so cool to find your grandfather's name, listed as an infant.

Anywho, I'd better go toss that load of laundry in the dryer. I don't want to be faced with using my hair dryer on some granny panties at the butt crack of dawn.
Not that it's ever happened before or anything.
Later Taters.