Thank God for Friday.. but more importantly.. it's payday. Is it sad that I'm excited to put gas in the truck and go to the grocery store tonight?

I had the Amazon clip coupons for me yesterday and go through our two (count'em.. TWO) coupon wallet thingies. I get a little giddy with excitement at the prospect of doing the weekly hunting and gathering. It's a challenge, a game almost, using the coupons I have with the sale paper to see what kind of deal I can finagle. I don't think it would matter if I had plenty of money to spend, I'd still get a rush from a good deal.

I get alot of strange looks from Ma while putting groceries away. She rolls her eyes when I hold up a bag of Chex mix and proceed to excitedly explain how I got it for only nine cents.

Anywho, plans for the weekend include some laundry, some scrubbing and tackling some creative endeavors. We're supposed to have thunder boomers for the duration, so it's a pretty safe bet there'll be some nappy time in there too.

Ya'll hang in there.

Later Taters.