Porch Paths, Growing Trucks and Hot Showers

There's a light frost on everything outside the kitchen window this morning. I love the way everything sparkles when the light hits it, even my old car with the "for sale" sign, that I can't seem to unload.

The Amazon and I made it to the dump with the stinky old recliner yesterday. We got rid of an old television and computer too. You can almost see a path on the front porch. The child had the gall to laugh at me when I tried to heave my big butt up in the back of the truck. It took some wallerin' and gruntin' but I made it. I don't remember it being that hard to get in the bed of a pick-up before. I use to hop in the back of Daddy's truck all the time without thinking twice. They must be making them higher off the ground than they used to.


It's totally not that I'm not as spry as I used to be.

The 10 gallon aquarium which housed our Russian Dwarf hamster is sitting out on the porch too. There won't be another hamster, since we discovered that I was highly allergic to the cute little fuzz ball. Every time I handled her or cleaned out her cage, my eyes swelled shut and felt like they were full of gravel. I looked like I'd gone a few rounds with Ali.

Hamster pox ain't fun ya'll.

I'm toying with the idea of turning it into a terrarium. I'd like to have a couple carnivorous plants, but then that would mean more mouths to feed.

Maybe not.

I dread going back to the Cubicle Asylum tomorrow. Bossman will be back and Bubbles will have spent a weekend alone with the Bubbahubby and her rugrats. She'll be wound up tighter than a Slinky. I know I'll have a headache by lunchtime, it never fails on Mondays. I can't blame it all on Bubbles, as much as I'd like to. I really think it has a lot to do with the dry air wreaking havoc on my sinus'. I found this on Amazon. It should be just the right size for my little cubicle. The fact that it's cute and looks like a penguin is just an added bonus.

I think I'm going to take advantage of the peace and quiet this morning. The Amazon is at work for another couple of hours, so I'm going to go take a nice, long, hot shower, followed by curling up on the couch with a critter or two and a hot cup of coffee.

Ya'll enjoy your Sunday.

Count your blessings.


Dianne said...

Enjoy that cuddle time on the couch Mahala - don't think of Monday til Monday - brillant ain't I?

Happy Peaceful Sunday to you and Mom and Amazon and all the critters.

Oh - and I love the air penguin, good choice.

Mahala said...

Thanks Dianne, I hope you have a peaceful Sunday as well.

I actually found a cheaper hummidifier that I may get instead. I dunno, I kinda like that this one looks like a critter lol.

Bah said...

What? It's Sunday already???

I guess sleeping for two days does that. Dammit.

Jeni said...

Well as long as you're going to try something anyway to tone down the dry air - maybe help you not to get the headaches so often and then, you can blame them all on Bubbles for sure!

And you know, I think they do make the beds to pickups high off the ground than they used to do because I have the same problem. And also, they make cars lower too so it takes much more effort to get in and out of them as well. Just so ya know that it isn't just you.

kenju said...

I'd hate to have to get into a truck bed now; I have trouble getting into the back of my mini-van when I'm unloading it. The old joints don't bend that way anymore. I love the idea of Bubbles being wound up tighter than a slinky...LOL

Joy T. said...

I had to come out of lurk mode to say that penguin is the cutest. Then I saw they had cows and pigs and had to call my daughter to come look at them. Too cute! Enjoy your sunday.

Tori Lennox said...

The penguin is SO cute!!!

Mahala said...

bah: Dang.. wake up!

jeni: I knew it! I knew the truck was totally higher!

kenju: She'll be wound up for sure. I'll have to use ear plugs by mid-morning.

joy: I k now! I'm sure they're made for little kids bedrooms, but growing up isn't all it's cracked up to be either.

tori: it is :)

Inanna said...

Absolutely those dang truck beds are higher!!! I walked past a truck the other day where the tires were taller than I am! I just said, "Sorry 'bout your little dick, buddy."

Horray for hanging on the couch. Nate and I have had a great Sunday. Did some shopping, visited friends, played Guitar Hero III, cleaned, put down a new area rug, talked to my Mama... nice Sunday.

poopie said...

Not as spray as we used to be? Heh. And weekends ain't as long as they used to be either. I'm dreading going back to my asylum too. meh.

Keli said...

I don't even work at an asylum anymore, and I still get the Sunday dreads.
By the way, a carnivorous plant may not be a bad idea as they are self- feeding (as long as you've got plenty of flies buzzing around).

Travel said...

Curl up and relax. You deserve it.

Target had the penguin hunidifiers last season. I use one at home in my bedroom when it is cold, it does make a difference.


BetteJo said...

I'm not sure that I've ever tried to get up into a truck bed but at this point - it looks HARD.

I love the penguin, really really cute!

Mahala said...

inanna: I wanna play guitar hero! But don't tell the Amazon lol.

Weekends go by way to fast poopie. I hope your Monday goes well.

Hi keli :) Can't you feed them crickets?

DG: It figures you'd have the penguin lol.

bettejo: It wasn't pretty lol.

Rachel said...

Hey! We have one of those fancy humidifiers, but ours looks like a cow. It does really help with the sniffles.

I feel ya on the Monday thing girl...man do I feel ya. I have maniacal boss, two-faced boss, and wound tighter than a spool of thread coworker to look forward to. But at least no bubbles!

Mahala said...

I saw the cow ones!

You're lucky you're spared Mondays with Bubbles.

Jenny said...

Hi Mahala, followed your comment on my blog and found this. I LOVE that cute penguin humidifier! I saw them on sale at Target but they stopped selling them after Christmas. I didn't even think to check Amazon, now I just have to convince my fiance that we need it. :)