Writers Block? Meme to the Rescue!!

I want to thank Dixie for tagging me with this meme, I was stressing out over what to write about tonight.

For this assignment, I have to find my birthday on Wikipedia and list three events, two birthdays and a holiday that happen on that day. Let's jump right in shall we?

On December 15th:


1891 - James Naismith introduces the first version of basketball, with thirteen rules, a peach basket nailed to either end of his school's gymnasium, and two teams of nine players. Did ya'll know I played basketball in middle school? I still have my uniform, number 25.

1939 - Gone with the Wind premieres in Atlanta, Georgia. Dang! How cool is that?

1960 - King Baudouin of Belgium marries Fabiola Fernanda María de las Victorias Antonia Adelaida de Mora y Aragón in Brussels. Good gawd! I'll bet the invitations were ginormous with a name like that.


1933 - Tim Conway, American actor and comedian. Lulu and I were just talking about him today.. no seriously. Neither of us were moving very fast going down the hall this morning and I told her we looked like Tim Conway's character "Mr. Tudball" from The Carol Burnett Show.

1949 - Don Johnson, American actor. Did ya'll ever see the series he did a few years ago, Nash Bridges? I called it "Nasty Britches." I'm not sure why, but it seemed hilarious at the time.


Bill of Rights Day, as stated by Franklin Roosevelt. Aside from some Saints days and a Roman festival, this was the only holiday, but a darn fine one it is.

And now, "Copy this list of blog links, delete the link at the top and then add your own at the bottom." Okay this is gettin' complicated. Ya'll know I'm not technically inclined, but I'll give it a shot.

~ Late Bloomer Boomer
~ Second Effort
~ The Mind Wobbles
~ Dixie Peach
~ Hidden Mahala

The five I'm going to tag are:

*Travel Penguin

Or anyone else who wants to give it a shot.

Again I'd like to thank Dixie for bailing me out of serious writers block and for finding the opportunity to use the words "Craig" and "hump" in the same sentence.

Now I'm going to go hold down the couch. It's Friday ya'll. We made it.

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craftyhala said...

Just realized that was me included there! It's a first in my blog career.
I'll have to work on it!