What's the Deal With the Cheese????

Geeze what a day. I booked close to 100k by myself and my brain is pretty fried, therefore I can't be held accountable for the jibberish I'm about to produce.

After work yesterday I headed out to the oasis, where the boonies meet the outskirts of Big City, where you get your first glimpse of neon and traffic after miles and miles of trees, cows and assorted roadkill. I took the long drive to visit the nail salon, where every two weeks I go and allow the petite little Vietnamese lady inflict pain and suffering upon my delicate fingertips. She was in rare form last night, she must have had some pent up frustration she needed to work through or something. She did things to my cuticles that I know were against the Geneva Convention. I thought the worst was over when I arose from my seat and crossed the room to the sink to wash the acrylic dust from my hands. It was a welcome relief, the warm water soothing my stinging fingertips. When I sat back down, she took a cotton ball and began rubbing it on the burning flesh, to prepare my nails for the clear base coat. The cotton ball was soaked with.... rubbing alcohol.

I thought I was gonna die... or worse.. that my fingertips were going to burst into flames and fall off.

Anywho, after I left there I made a stop at the grocery store to pick up a few groceries to last until the next payday. Ma was nearly out of Cokes and ya'll know if she runs out completely it will cause a tear in the space-time continuum, resulting in the spontaneous combustion of random high rise buildings and the eventual end of civilization as we know it. Oh yeah and we needed cheese.

The prices at the local grocery store had gone up considerably since the last time I shopped. Because I tend to buy the same things on a regular basis, I've noticed that the prices will shoot up an unreasonable amount, then after a week or two they'll go back down part of the way. Could it have anything to do with the fact that it was triple coupons week?

I picked up a package of cheese slices, the real kind, not "pasteurized cheese food." It's usually around $3.65, which is way too expensive to me to begin with. Do ya'll know how much that package of 24 slices of cheese cost me?



My gawd. That's nearly .21 per slice. We're not talking premium imported cheese either, this is plain old yellow, individually wrapped, American cheese.

What is this world coming to????
I'd better get to bed, before I end up on a cheese rant. Ya'll have a good Wednesday. Cherish your cheese.


Miz said...

You really need to find another nail tech before she does permanent damage to your nails. I have been licenced for over 20 years, what you discribe is total incompantance. A rub or small nick on a cuticle once in a great while is par for the course, that kind of skin damage should not happen. That can lead to a staph infection and damage to the matrix.
Oh yes...unless she rubbed lotion or oil in before you washed, and if you used soap...base coat prep is unnecessary. I think she enjoys causing you pain.

aka_Meritt said...

Ooo I remember I had a nail lady that would do at least one bad 'knick' every time. OUCH! Yes - find a NEW LADY!!!! :)

Cheese - we are a CHEESE family! We regularly have at least 9-10 kinds of cheese on hand at any given time so I feel your pain!

Mahala said...

Miz: I've changed nail salons about four times lol. This one has only been open about three months and the lady's husband usually does mine. He's very gentle, I think she just needs practice. She said she was using the alcohol to remove any moisture before applying the base coat, at least I think that's what she said. They've not been here long at all and she still struggles with English.

Meritt: I was going to tell the boss that I needed a "cost o' cheese" raise, since I can't get a cost of living one, but he has no sense of humor at all so I didn't bother lol.

Jerry said...

I'm gonna have to quit feeding the mice around here.

kenju said...

Find another nail salon - or ask for he man if he is better. There's no excuse for cutting or knicking your cuticles.

I learned a long ime ago not to bother shopping when there are double or triple coupons!

Mahala said...

jerry: I think they like peanut butter better anyway :)

kenju: I can't believe the price of groceries lately.