Chills, Thrills and Paying Bills

It's a beautiful Sunday morning in Frog Pond Holler. The sun is shining bright and the sky is a freakishly clear blue. It's late in the morning, but I'm still the only one up. The Amazon went to midnight bowling over in Scary Hillbilly Town last night so I don't think she'll be getting out of bed any time soon. "American Gothic" is on the Chiller channel, I loved that series although I never did quite figure out the whole point of the plot. I think I wanted it to be more than it actually was, just a creepy demonic sheriff exercising his control over a town.

I did some minor rearranging around the house yesterday. I've had the computer sitting on the bar for quite a while, but I never could get a chair that was tall enough and it was wreaking havoc with my shoulders. The Amazon had been using an old rickety table/desk that Ma bought when I was in elementary school, marked down at Rose's because it was a little scuffed up. When the Amazon decided to switch it out for something else, I decided to take it. It's at least 25 years old, a little wobbly and more scuffed up than it was when we got it, but it works. I'm thinking about maybe checking at the dollar store later for some contact paper to cover the top of it.

Is it bad that it's only Sunday morning and I'm already dreading going to work tomorrow? It has gotten a bit better since I had my little crying fit on Bossman. After he had his tantrum and got my nerves tore all to hell and back, I think something changed in my whole perspective on my job. I realized that the short, sharp and humorless way in which he interacts with both Bubbles and myself, is his attempt at intimidation, most likely the one and only way in which he feels masculine. As a result, Bubbles does everything but fall to her knees and lick the soles of his shoes, even (and I swear it's the truth) going so far as to call him "Captain" and snap to attention and call him "Sir" when he asks her to do something.

Sorry, I didn't sign up for military service.

During all of the time he's been there, I've tried to joke around with him to get him to loosen up, I've made myself a nervous wreck trying to gain his approval and all that does is make him act like an even bigger horses ass pain in the hiney. So no more. I don't care anymore, the pittance I make isn't worth being made that miserable all the time. I go to work, I do my job, I mind my own business. I pretty much don't talk to anyone but Lulu and she's sort of reached the same point in her position. The place is in a constant state of utter chaos due to lack of management.

The GM is there part time, about three hours a day, four days a week. The plant manager is out for six weeks with knee surgery, the senior engineer is out at least two days a week for health problems, doctors appointments and the purchasing manager is pretty much running the place.

It's farkin ridiculous.

Anyway, moving on...

I've added Twitter to the sidebar, if any of ya'll are using it feel free to add me, not that I'm ever doing anything all that interesting.

I just noticed that as I was writing this I missed ANOTHER $700 PayPerPost opportunity. Gawd, do ya'll know what I could do for $700?? I think there are still two more chances over the next two days. Ya'll keep your fingers crossed for me, except of course Meritt, who I know is probably trying to get one herself.

So anyway, I've got grand plans for the rest of the day and they're not going to get done as long as I'm sitting here pecking away on this keyboard. Ya'll enjoy the rest of your weekend :)


aka_Meritt said...

Although they said in the beginning it was until Tuesday... yesterdays announcement was "The last $700 op" so it looks like the next 2 days are just the $10.77 and $70. But considering all I get are the $5 ones, even 10 bucks is amazing for me to snag.

Mahala said...

Yeah I noticed that it was the last "big one" last night. I don't get many opps I can take for more than $5 either and I've been seriously hindered by the fact that I'm not crazy about the Police and I didnt' see the "Reno 911" movie lol.