Raspberries, Cubans and the Homecoming Game

I nearly caused an international incident at work this morning... well sort of.

Our maintenance / cleaning guy is a little Cuban fellow who has lived in the U.S. for about nine years yet no matter what you ask him to do or catch him doing that he isn't supposed to, he suddenly has no grasp whatsoever of the English language. For the past couple of weeks, it's been unseasonably warm here in Frog Pond Holler, that is until the other day when the bottom fell out and the temperatures dropped down below freezing. I was at my desk, working away like the dedicated little busy bee that I am (no really) when I noticed it getting a little nipply there in the office. I asked around to see if anyone else had felt the sudden breeze, not knowing if I was having a goofy fever spell or some sort of otherworldly visitation. We'd all felt the chill and I took off up the hall to get my hands on the thermostat. As I passed the side entrance I saw the culprit. It was the cleaning guy with the door propped wide open while he cleaned the glass.

I was not pleased.

"Don't you think it's a little chilly to be standing there with that door open?" I asked, trying really hard not to go off.

"Ooohh.. joo cold? I clean.. one moment," he replied.

"I really think you need to close that door, it's too cold out and you can clean it just as well closed."

"Ooooohh.. no understand.. one moment."

Ohhhhhhh bull noodles. "No understand" my ass hiney. I walked over to the door and placed my hand firmly on the handle.

"Close the door.. understand?"

"Oooohhh.. understand.. I close."

Gawd. I was sportin' nippies like a cheerleader at the big homecoming game. It was downright frigid in that office. Ain't no sense in that.


Sammy's doing alot better since our visit to the vet. Oh and for the record... Did ya'll know that if your dog is asleep on the couch.... and you sneak up on him and raise his front paw to your mouth... and blow raspberries on it.. when your dog normally freaks out at the mere sound of a raspberry.. that what will follow will be a great flailing of spindly legs, a gnashing of teeth and disturbing guttural sounds that rival anything you've heard during a satanic themed horror movie and that you could very possibly lose your face????

I'm just sayin..

Anywho, tomorrow's hump day.

Ya'll be blessed.


Miz said...

Sneak up on a sleeping cat and blow in its ear and it shoots straight up in the air. FYI.

Travel said...

Thanks for the morning tips and laughs. Keep it up!


kenju said...

You should say "Read my lips, cleanerman!!"

The door from our house to the garage will blow open if you don't latch it well. Then cold air will shoot up the back stairs to my office and suddenly I have popsicle toes. I hate that!

Jerry said...

Funny stuff!