Gypsy Girl

There was a visitor out by the van this morning as I was leaving for work, of the four legged variety. She wagged her tail and pranced towards me as I made my way across the yard. I think she was probably part Beagle and part hound. She wasn't wearing a collar, I don't know if someone dumped her there or if she'd gotten lost. Every bone in her body was showing. When she ran over to me, she cowered down at my feet. I stood there and talked to her for a few minutes (yes I'm weird, I know) then explained to her that I had to go to work.

I worried over that dog all morning at my desk. I felt guilty for not running back inside and getting her something to eat. I mean.. she CAN NOT live here, there is absolutely NO room for another animal, but I could at least give her some food. I decided that if she was still around when I went home at lunch, I'd find some scraps or something for her.

I didn't see her when first pulled in. It wasn't until I passed the window in the kitchen that I saw her sniffing around on the lot across the road. I started looking for something to put some dog food in, then remembered the half a loaf of bread that had gone stale, sitting by the microwave. I took the bread out to the edge of the yard and called her over. She came prancing, wagging that tail, looking at me as if to say "For me? Can I have it?"

It didn't take her long to eat it all. I snuck back in the house while she was eating and watched her from the window. Such a sweetheart. She looked around when she finished, then trotted off down the road.

She wasn't here when I came home from work. I keep peeking out the window to see if she's there. I can't have another animal.

I can't.

Maybe someone will take her in.