Never a Dull Moment

I was making coffee this morning, turning on the faucet and waiting for the trickle of water to make it's way from the nearly spent Pur water filter. I knew I was due for a new one, but I always wait until it completely seizes up before I break down and buy a new one. I was standing there, half asleep, thinking about the hot, brown, life giving liquid which would be brewing soon, filling the house with the fresh aroma of coffee.

That's when it happened.

Without warning, a great gusher erupted from the faucet attachment, a stream of water shooting skyward, arching across the kitchen, landing on Merlin's cage. I squealed as I tried to digest what the hell was happening, Merlin was squawking, yet for a moment I was in awe of the beautiful fountain I'd created.

Upon closer inspection, after the initial shock of the impromptu shower, I noticed that the entire attachment had split in half, leaving a gaping crack around the perimeter. The result was an awesome spectacle indeed.

I didn't tell the amazon what had happened, I knew that eventually she'd use the faucet and the same thing would occur, which did and resulted in her momentary amazement. Then, she couldn't resist setting Ma up for her own little shower, placing her plate and fork in the path of the stream and calling her in to dinner.

She is my child.


Miz said...

Clean up on isle 5!

Anonymous said...

Evil can be fun!


kenju said...


aka_Meritt said...

I'm smiling at the fact Amazon had the SAME THOUGHT as you. That was humorous... poor Ma.