Friday, October 03, 2008

Brisk Holler Morning

Sweet Holy Mother.. it's cold up in this holler this morning. I seriously need to remember where I put my coat.. I think it's in the van, parked out in the yard since last year. I'm debating whether to bother retrieving it and washing it or just buying a new one. I'm sure there's a family of rabid woodland creatures curled up in it's fluffy warmness by now.

I reckon it's time for a new one anyway.

It's Bubbles-Free Friday here at the Asylum and I am so ready for the weekend. Granted, I'm looking forward to three days of the same ol' stuff, but it'll be three days away from this crazy place. I've been spending most of my "free" time monkeying around with Google ad settings for my shop, revamping the image tags and trying to come up with new design ideas.

Never let it be said that I took the economic shitstorm lying down.

The Amazon is back to working on a regular basis.. if you can call two 14 hour shifts a week "regular." I'm thankful she's working at all, there isn't exactly a cornucopia of job opportunities available here in the holler. I noticed yesterday that the ex-mayor moved his used car lot to the old garage across the road from the Pump n' Go. Now the Amazon can spend her days staring at 1986 Trans Ams and rusted out, old Chevy trucks, daydreaming of the day she has a vehicle of her own.

Remember my bank trauma from the other day? Turns out I wasn't double charged for my gas purchase, it was just a bank computer hiccup. I was relieved that I didn't have to face the Amazon's boss (who also happens to be Thelma's dad) about over charging me. That would have made things a little uncomfy.

Earlier this month, after managing some carefully thought out balance transfers, I brought my credit card payments down a considerable amount. It's going to make getting through this winter a little easier.

Anywho, I reckon me and Lulu will be paying the piper all day after having to pitch a fit to get some heat turned on, so I'm going to pop my earbuds in while I can still fight the urge to shove my foot firmly up PG's nether regions.

He bitches and whines like an old woman.

Ya'll have a good one. Let's kick this Friday in the ass.

Later Taters!


tiff said...

I, for one, am kicking Friday's ass.

I'd bitchslap it too if I could.

Mahala said...

I have the utmost confidence that if there is anyone who can make Friday cry for it's mama, it's you Tiff :)

Travel said...

Friday, oh god it is Friday. Interesting week. I don't talk about work and the office, but it was a fun one at my office. In the end I was rewarded for my work.


kenju said...

As it is now 9:0pm, I sincerely hope that you took Friday for all it was worth!