Shindigs, Strange Odors and Shopping Trips

It's going to be a good day.. I just know it is. How do I know? Let's take a look:

  • It's payday and there's a $50 ($35 after taxes) bonus

  • Bubbles is off today

  • The Roto Rooter-Tooter dude came over last night and my flusher is fixed

  • Tomorrow is the beginning of a four day weekend

  • I finally got all my photographs to show up in the Google shopping thingie. (It only took me like...five tries) Tomorrow I tackle MSN.

  • It's the Amazon's birthday, so there will be cake. I like cake.

I can't wait for the long weekend, although I have at least one pile of laundry in each room, at least now I can wash it all up. I do have one load that smells like a stinky old perm. I had put a load in last weekend and cut it off before it finished draining, when it started backing nasty ickypooness up into the bathtubs. I thought Ma had drained it the next day after I went on my Liquid Plumber rampage, but I was wrong.

When I opened the lid to run the washer, per Rooter Tooter dude's instructions, the smell damn near knocked me back on my ass hind end. I ended up running them through twice, I had to have clean slacks to wear, but there is still the faint aroma of stinky perm emanating from my nether regions.

I hope no one catches a whiff and thinks I gave myself a coochie perm.

Here in the holler, they're getting ready for the last big shindig of the summer. The flat bed trailer/entertainment stage is set up in the middle of town, the wienie wagon's been hosed off and the hiker store has put a spit shine on all their end-of-season mark downs. The street dance is tomorrow night, there will be vendors set up all weekend and tourists galore.

This time...there will be pictures.

Here at the Asylum, it promises to be a quiet day. I don't have anything really pressing to do, other than file and read over our "Internet Advertising Proposal," so that I can discuss it with Bossman later.

Tonight, I'll be doing the hunting and gathering. It's the end of the month and a holiday weekend, so all my kinfolk who only come down off the mountain every once in a while will probably be there, with their youngins in tow.

Maybe if I wear a scarf and dark sunglasses no one will notice me.

Bossman just came in and asked me to work an extra four hours next week. Things just keep on looking up!

Ya'll enjoy your weekend. You'll be hearing from me..

Later Taters!